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The Idaho Dance Education Organization, a state affiliate of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), proudly supports the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) for middle and high school age students in K-12 schools, private studios, community centers, and performing arts centers. For more information on how to set up a chapter at your school to honor artistic and academic achievement in dance students, please go to

How are chapters established?

A student chapter of the NHSDA may be set up in any private or public middle or high school, dance academy, performing arts center, or community center with an active dance program serving students 11-18 years of age. To participate in the NHSDA, one must first identify a Chapter Sponsor (i.e., a current NDEO institutional member) and contact the Idaho Dance Education Organization (IDEO) to apply for a chapter. Chapter Sponsors are required to coordinate with appropriate school personnel to ensure that induction into the NHSDA is duly acknowledged on students’ academic transcripts and in graduation ceremonies.

How will students benefit?

Upon induction, all students will receive a certificate of membership in the NHSDA. Students in participating high schools can wear the NHSDA honor cord and honor gold pin during graduation ceremonies. In addition, members may participate in special events or receive mailings generated by the state chapters. Inducted students are encouraged to include their membership in scholarship packets and/or resumes for college or dance employment.

How can I get more information?

Click the link below to view the NHSDA Chapter Sponsor Handbook.

Past and Present NHSDA recipients

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