Mission Statement

Let's strengthen the state voice and vision for dance!

Idaho Dance Education Organization (IDEO) is committed to advocating and advancing

excellence in dance education throughout Idaho.

Goal 1

IDEO will develop a membership comprised of dancers, educators, choreographers, presenters, collaborative artists, administrators, dance companies, educational institutions, and advocates. This will provide an opportunity for increased effectiveness in networking, advocacy for dance, dissemination of information, and communication.

Goal 2

IDEO will improve the quality and training of dance education in Idaho by providing opportunities for creating, performing, and observing dance for all. The organization will address professional development, research, and documentation, assessment, and leadership.

Goal 3

IDEO will build and support the Idaho dance community that focuses on the education of the whole person in and through dance as an art and as a cultural manifestation.

The Goals of the IDEO as an NDEO State Affiliate:

  • Unite and empower dance educators and dance institutions at local, state, and national levels.

  • Develop a collective voice for dance in the United States.

  • Strengthen long-term development for both state and national organizations.

  • Expand membership for state and national organizations through dual membership.

  • Increase services to dance educators.

  • Build needed networks for communication and action.

  • Increase knowledge and understanding in areas of advocacy, policy, legislation, standards and guidelines, position papers, certification, and licensure.

  • Help states develop local initiatives such as certification, standards, assessments, or professional development.

  • Develop databases for U.S. dance education so the discipline is included in future federal surveys, national assessments, and grant initiatives.

The National Dance Education Organization:

  • IDENTIFIES and ACTS in constructive and strategic ways to positively shape public, social, and education policy about and for dance in education

  • PROMOTES greater knowledge, appreciation, and support of the processes of dance education and promotes excellence in practice, performance, and presentation

  • PLANS and provides stimulating and forward-looking professional development opportunities for dance teachers and educators

  • ACTS as a clearinghouse for issues directly related to the quality of dance arts education in dance studios, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and outreach programs of performing arts organizations

NDEO Vision:

The National Dance Education Organization envisions a nation that affords every citizen equal

access and opportunity to quality dance arts education regardless of gender, age, race or culture, socio-economic status, ability or interest.


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