IDEO Board of Direcors


Executive Board

President: Ashley Storm

Past President: Rachel Swenson

Secretary: Hilarie Neely

Treasurer: Hannah Jarvis Rasmusson

General Board

Private Artist Dance Representative: Molly Jorgenson

Community Dance Representative:

University Faculty Dance Representative: Belle Baggs

University Student Dance Representative:

Private Dance Studio Representative:

Elementary Dance Representative: Crystal Bain

Jr High/Middle School Dance Representative:

High School Dance Representative: Kelli Brown

Health and Wellness Representative: Wendy Bone

Development Director: Melanie Meenan

Marketing/Publicity Director: Rachel Swenson

Committee Chairs

Membership Chair:

Nominations Chair: Sarah Anderson

NHSDA Chair: Hilarie Neely

Conference Chair:

Conference Co-Chair:

Jr High/Middle School Day of Dance Chair:

High School Dance Festival Chair:

Our Media

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